Hey, I'm Edwin.
Hi, I'm Edwin


Hey, my name is Edwin and i study IT/engineering in Sweden at the moment. I am 17 years old. I really like maths and physics, don't really know why. In my spare time I like to design and develop websites. I also like photogrophy. I can't really say that I'm particulary good at any of the aformentioned things but it's a whole lot of fun. I'm also a fan of open source software and hardware.

Featured projects


es6-css-minify is a open-source VS Code extension that lets you minify JavaScript, CSS and generate source maps with a simple click. View source on Github or download from the VSC Marketplace.


rdg-linux is a simple front-end application for the CLI tool rdesktop. This was created for people that don't like using the terminal for everything. View source or download on Github.

Todo app

o-todo is a self-hosted progressive web application for security concerned people. It's written in PHP and uses MySQL to store data which means it's simple to set up yourself. Contribute or check out the demo.